Hopsctochers that are awesome


chat room about favroite hopscotchers


@Liza Is This A Good Topic For Hopscotch Forums?


@SmileyAlyssa @MagmaPOP @LotsaPizza


This is a good topic, but you might want to move it since I believe there are already topics about awesome Hopscotchers.


I Agree @DragonLover975 !


hey you are makeing me feel bad!@pokemon101 and @DragonLover975


I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel bad. What offended you? I can change my message.


no it will not besides i changed the name of the topic to hopsctochers that are awesome


well look at what you said and i changed the name


It's ok, maybe edit the description so people don't think it's a "chat room" :slight_smile: there's a lot of great hopscotchers, some of my favorites are @SmilingSnowflakes @SmileyAlyssa oio @axolotl @PopTart0219 @OrangeScent1 @RenegadeBird1 and sososososososososososososososos many more! I like everyone


I think that there are already some topics about this! Why not post there? :D




Welcome to the forum @3087777! Just a small friendly reminder, if you have a awesome idea or question and you think it has been made use the little greenish magnifying glass in the upper right area of the screen. There are a few topics for this already. What do you think?


What does your profile pic say? It's something with me so...


I think it says

MagmaPOP followed me?
Is this really happening

or something like that


@MagmaPOP I think it says:
MagmaPOP followed me


Ok! How can we delete this topic I am new to the fourm! Idk what to do thanks @PopTart0219for closing this topic!


I don't see the harm in keeping it listed. So next time someone wants to make this topic they ca see it and learn from it :wink: @PopTart0219?


It is am meme that I made that say "when magmaPOP follows you

Is this real life!"I can take it down if you want.

this is it