Hopscotch's solutions


So, we all know that the new update is terib- well, let's just say we all have different opinions. So a lot of people feel uncomfortable, so you can get the school edition, or sadly, quit hopscotch. Let's face it guys, we are all going to quit at some point. If you like it, and you want to be a part of my team, you will need to buy school edition, unless you are 100% sure that you can make a huge game In a day with it. Anyways, the surprise team will be revealed tomorrow.
Due to hate, all replies WILL be ignored.


@Itchy first of all how is it terrible?


Can you explain why you feel the update is terrible?
I and a few others are actually liking the update :D
I'm not going to quit because of it C:

Try giving THT some constructive criticism about the update so they can make it even better :D

Most people are to going to to just pay 10 dollars ):


I can't make a big game in one day, but I can make a trail art project in one day! c: That's because big games aren't a big game if you only do it in one day.

The update is not terrible. And we don't all know tha, since I don't think it's terrible. Also, please do not say the update is terrible, as it is a completely rude way to state your opinions.


I can do it in one day, with the iPad editor that is. Also, that was humor put into it, not really hate.


Can you tell where please?
I didn't find any ):


As a mixture.... I dont think people are moving to the school edition or quite. Some people have... But still... its not that bad


The school edition is 10 dollars...

I would never pay that, and I don't think most people will either, especially when there's a perfectly fine improved free version.


What is that, the current one?


True. I won't be able to pay it :slight_frown:



I would spend/waste my money on the school edition, I love the update C:

Maybe if you want people to make games you can give them more time so they nor you pay for the school edition :D


What is what? The current one is free. That's good.


Uh... Wot?

I see no "hate"…


Why do you think the update is terrible?