Hopscotch's Paywall is terrible

Hello! My name is Wackyquack (referred to as TheDuck) and today I will be talking about Hopscotch’s P2W (Pay To Win) paywall strategies. Let’s dive in. Please also note that toxic comments are not welcome. If you want to provide feedback, please use constructive criticism. Also, if you don’t like this post, and decide not to give feedback, please look at another post instead of posting toxic comments. Now, let’s start.

The Tutorial Paywall

One of the paywalls I remember is the paywall for tutorials. This one makes sense. You get some tutorials for free, and then you upgrade for more. It makes sense and it’s like as if you need to pay to attend a coding class or something like that. But, the next paywall is one of the bad ones…

The Drawing and Picture Paywall

One of the most dumbest paywalls Hopscotch has is the paywall for drawing and making pictures. If you want to import a picture or want to save/add a masterpiece you made in the drawing tool into your project, you have to pay. Imagine you made one of your greatest works to add to your project and then you get told to buy seeds.
Sure, 50 seeds is only $3. but do you really want to use $3 just to do something that should be free? Also, I’m unsure about this, but because it says “get seeds to make this a custom art project” I think it’s implying you need to pay seeds for each project to enable custom art. Or you could get the subscription…(more about that later)

The Mushroom Paywall

Say you just found an epic project and you want to say thanks. You go to use a mushroom, but then you get told again you need to pay seeds.
Look, it’s not much of a biggie but saying “This is cool!” shouldn’t really cost money. Again, the prices are cheap, but can’t you add a comments system, Hopscotch?

The Subscription Paywall (and about the subscription)

Say you just found out about Hopscotch, you hop in, and then you are told to get a subscription (free trial) to join. C’mon, Hopscotch. Not everyone wants your free trial. Give Free Users more creativity. Yes, I know you need to make money, but don’t make it by paywalling everything. But, about the subscription…

The Subscription itself

The Subscription is basically Xbox Game Pass Ultimate but for Hopscotch. According to the app, you get the ability to:

  • Draw
  • Get Tutorials
  • Add Photos
  • And More I guess

Hopscotch begs you to get seeds, but to subscribe, go to Me > Settings Gear > Subscribe to Hopscotch. That’s it for today. I’m not trying to be mean by the way, I’m just giving feedback.
(this post would have pictures but due to trust levels I can’t add them)


I disagree with the 15 project paywall’s existence.


so, i agree on everything, but i don’t understand what hopscotch’s strategy is at for making everything a paywall.

Just allow everything for subs, and you’ll be a little more flexible and a person who can flex.

I dislike the 15 project paywall, its horrendous and it shouldn’t be a thing. It discourages users and drives them away.


Oh yea. I’ve heard of that one today. Because I don’t really use Hopscotch, I never saw the “oh subscribe to add more projects” popup.


That’s what makes it special tho

It’s in teh works!

I agree! This should 100 percent be taken off, I know many people, who aren’t comfortable doing so


As in strategy I mean they always add things under a paywall. Even though they don’t really put everything under a paywall and don’t put giant updates up 24/7, a lot of the Hopscotch features are locked. I also don’t know what you mean by “Just allow everything for subs, and you’ll be a little more flexible and a person who can flex.”


What are you talking about?


Thanks for your constructive feedback :+1: Yea, it is what makes it special. I’ll work on editing that part.


Yes. Also, many parents disable in-app purchases, which makes it impossible to even use the app since it forces a free trial (which counts as an in-app purchase), and that probably drives away MANY many users.


I agree with some of your points, but I would like to reference the possible addition of a way for non-subscribers and people who just don’t want to pay to earn seeds.

This is all speculation, based on what we’ve seen on the app as of the most recent update, so don’t take it too seriously, but I figured you may want to consider this anyway.


see, if hopscotch is trying to make money, they shouldn’t have a paywall everywhere. the paywall scares users, and sometimes even accidentally makes them spend money! (my experience)! sometimes, we need to agree to remove the paywalls to leave one important paywall: subscription.

The subscription is the paywall i agree with, it gives access to every other paywall, so why not just have the sub instead of paying everything else?


Yea, they should add the ability to get seeds for free. But another thing that I’m worried about with the product feature is projects becoming P2W themselfs!


Hey everyone. Just wanted to say, I think due to my trust level I cannot make edits.


I think that these features in general are ok, given that there are more things that are accessible for free. There should be more free stuff to play around with before paying – for example, more beginner videos should be free.


no trust level can make edits to op other than leaders (excluding first 2 minutes)


If that’s what people want to do, then that’s fine. I don’t plan on ever making my games P2W, and I’m sure there will still be a good player base that doesn’t either.


Alright, I somewhat get what your saying here. But if the subscription stays, will you still have to buy it to import photos and stuff like that? If so, I would disagree with that type of subscription because it still is like the seeds paywall combined into one paywall.


No, if you have sub, you don’t need to pay. If you don’t have sub, you don’t need to pay for that, it’s ridiculous to pay for drawings.

I guess you can have it for images, its easier to monitor a request for an image if you have sub


Think about it, ThT has 2 take time every single time someone uses an image 2 review it, if anyone who wasn’t playing could just spam the system, that would be impossible 4 tht


Ahhhhhhh Yea that sounds like a good idea but for the pictures I would make it so that you can only import 10, 5, or 4 pictures and to add more you get sub, but drawings are unlimited.