Hopscotch's Official Company Values




I found this on The Hopscotch Team's blog:

Also, @iReesesCup pointed these out! These apply to being a good coder, too!

If you remember the rules in the picture combined with some of the values, you will definitely become a great coder! :smile:

(P.S. Go here for the blog page!)




Cool! Thank you so much! :grinning:


Everyone has seen this, but this applies too


:clap:🏻:+1:🏻 nice post:) @Rawrbear


Lol "Poop (emoji!) is okay" HAHAHAHAHAHHA This is the exact reason I'm on hopscotch


I think it would be cool if the characters were like that. They clearly have the capablity to draw them so we should have charcters like this!




Sorry that was off topic but I love that decsion about the poop emoji


Added it to my post! Thanks!! :smile: