Hopscotch's Got Talent


I SBYP'd and found this already, but this is different. {And nothing is currently happening on there}

I will be holding a...

Hopscotch's Got Talent!

I am really interested in the original America's Got Talent, so I figured why not in hopsotch?

I will be looking for three judges, because one of them is me. And yes, there will be judge cuts. So I will accept four more for judge cuts.

Normal Judge Form

Forum name:
Title {Member, Regular, Leader}:
Do you like AGT:
Favorite judge {Any season}:

Judge Cuts Form

Forum name:
Specialty in Hopscotch:
What are you looking for in the competition:


Forum name:
How well do you do in your specialty:

Helpful Tips
Anyone can enter as an audition.
Here is some helpful steps to make it through:

  • Fill out the form
  • Make one of your best can-do's on Hopscotch
  • Try your best

And some helpful advice to be a good judge:

  • Play the project shown
  • Think about what's right and wrong
  • Return to the forum when you are done
  • Tell the audition the truth of what you are thinking
  • Say yes or no honestly
  • Keep it real {I mean, your a judge!}

Here are the rules for the competition:

-Please no flame wars while waiting for acception to go through
-Judges are allowed to argue, but still no flame wars
-Try your best
-Please do not get angry if you don't make it through
-I will only accept 80 for every season
-There will be a new HGT every season
-I will make an account called HGT Judges for the judges when there are no more spots


1st Place

-Any title you want
-A shoutout
-Follows from the judges
-A project request for one of the judges {You choose!
-A feature on hopscotch {We will try the best we can as judges}

2nd Place

-A shoutout
-Follows from four auditions you choose
-Judges will code a music project of the song you choose
-Get a follow from three judges you choose

3rd Place

-A shoutout
-Get a simulator for you
-Get follows from 2 judges you choose




Member {Might change, because it's me}: @KatrinaPlays
Member: @Zachyswag @SimplySouthernGurl @Explorer_ @IcePOP @Ella_13
Regular:@Murphy1 @Bubbles4Ever929

Judge Cuts

Current Auditons

Please submit by August 5th

Seems great, right?
So let's begin and...

Have fun!!!

Credit to @BuildASnowman for organization


Forum name: Zachyswag
Interests: Coding, hopscotch, and lots of other things!
Title: Member
Do you like AGT: I don't know what that means
Favorite judge {Any season}: What?


Okay, your in!
I will add you to the list.



Judging XD


Welcome to the judging, my friend...


Forum name: SimplySouthernGurl
Interests: coding
Title {Member, Regular, Leader}: member
Do you like AGT: yessss
Favorite judge {Any season}: melb


Your in!
I now announce the fourth judge!


Forum name: Explorer_
Interest: Coding
Title: member
Do you like AGT: YES!
Favorite judge: Mel B
Am I late? Sorry I had to brb for 3 minutes.


maybe add the otml @KatrinaPlays


Kays, good idea, will do that.:3


Hello? Am I not going to be judge? @KatrinaPlays? Hello?


Thanks!! :slight_smile:


Forum name thebestest
Specialty i have a few
How well do you in your specialty pretty good


Yes, you are a judge, just making the OTML, sorry for the slowness!


Does anyone know I'm on?! @KatrinaPlays? @Murphy1? @Zachyswag? @SimplySouthernGurl?


Oh ok. Thx! I didn't know if you were on




Okay, done!
Now everyone that wants to join is on!




Great! So, when do we start judging?