Hopscotch's Got Talent!



I will be starting a contest like America's Got Talent called Hopscotch's Got Talent! First step will be the audition. The judges (which you can sign up for, including me) will select ten creations to be in the top 10. From there, we will do top nine, top eight, top seven, top six, top five, top three, and we will find our winner. The top three will be selected by other forumers, too.


Anything else that is unique that you can do on Hopscotch


Try to think of new ideas and don't copy others' creations
(For judges) Don't vote for someone just because they're famous or your friend
Show sportsman spirit if you do or do not get in!

How to give your entry: Make a project and publish it on Hopscotch, then copy the link and paste it on a reply along with the name of your project. Once we receive three more judges (first come first serve), we will vote for the top ten.


Could I be a judge?
Great idea! :D


Can I be a judge?


Can I be a judge please? Awesome idea!


Cool Idea!! :sparkling_heart:
Can I be a judge, @AwesomeBlossom?!


Can I try out for coding and art? This sounds really fun! :smile:


May a TGND try coding?


I'll do music! What fun this shall be!


Can we do 2 categories?


And will you be voting for the top 10 in each category or the top ten in all the categories together?


This sounds fun!
I think I will enter.
If only I figure out how to copy the link from hopscotch and transfer it to the forum.........


Can I please be a judge


Judge please????????:sunglasses:



Can you put a trail art section?

I would like to try out in that section!


Thanks @Sensei_Coder! You can!


Yes, @Deadfr, you can!


Could I be a judge?


Thank you! You can be judge, @UndertaleTacoz!


Sure! You might only get selected in one, though, @Dude73

No more judges, though, I'm sorry. You can participate, though!


Sure, I can add that!

EDIT: Sure, I can add that @EnchantedAnimallover! Anybody who wants to do a topic doesn't have to ask! Also, I forgot, the due date for all of the entries is June 20th. Thanks!