Hopscotch's Birthday Challenge!



If you haven't heard already, Hopscotch's 3rd birthday is on the 16th!

I bet that you were going to make a project already, huh?
Well, the challenge is to make a project on hopscotch that has something to do with it's birthday! (Ex: Birthday Cake, Birthday Card, Party)
Good Luck!

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Oh, and don't forget to add the link!


The birthday is on the 16th! panicks Umm what to do!


I made one :slight_smile:


I made a special episode of my series, High School.
High School: HS B'day Special


Wow jus wow I just wanted to make a card to show they are awesome just perfect timing


Anyone else?
I'm working on a cake maker!


Can you put a link?


Sorry, but it will be posted in Hopscotch's Birthday.


wait its on the 16th?




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I made some cards for Hopscotch's 3rd Birthday!
The picture is from my project and I just cropped it to different dimensions,

1024x768 (4x3)

768x768 (1x1)

You can use any of the pictures freely :slight_smile:


Any one else?!
There are already a ton of people who have done it!


I don't know about you, but I'M done!
Cake maker!


Well, waddaya know!
It's Hopscotch's Birthday!