Hopscotch's Birthday 2017!


I'm on spring break too and it ends tomorrow too! :cold_sweat::joy:


Only this year. And other years. Easter changes every year.


YAY! Happy Birthday, Hopscotch! I didn't feel like making a project, so here a present! ๐Ÿฅ“Bacon!


Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Hopscotch...
I forgot to make a project for you! :blush:


I made a project but it just said happy birthday lol


Lol xp


Feel free to share a link to the project that you made, even if you think that it isn't very complex. :sweat_smile:





They have so much in common..


HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOPSCOTCH!!!!!!!!!!!! :grinning:


My dog is turning 10284638 years old


Wow, what an old dog!


Don't judge my dog! Lol


Happy Birthday!:tada::tada::tada::gift::gift::gift::balloon::balloon::balloon::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball:


The app is almost as old as me :0000


On hopscotch, I'm guessing? :sweat_smile:

You've been gone from the forum for quite a while, how do you find the changes?
Also it's cool to see you back, even just temporarily.


Nope, irl.

I find the changes awesome! I can finally put my GT in #random-stuff!!

Also, I like the new stuff. It's nice and refreshing too.