Hopscotch's Birthday 2017!


As some of you may know, yesterday was hopscotch's 4th birthday!!

And for some of you, time zones, it may still be their birthday!!

Lots of you have made AMAZING projects dedicated to THT, don't worry if you haven't there's still plenty of time to make some happy birthday messages to THT on hopscotch!!

I made this topic specifically for sharing your birthday messages on the forum but also to share the projects you have made for THT!!

Thanks THT!!!

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It's hopscotch's fourth birthday! About a week ago

Happy bithday hopscotch.


I still can't believe HS was made on EASTER XD


Happy anniversary @HRR1213!



And @KawaiiRose it wasn't, Easter isn't always yesterday.


So Easter isn't always on the 16th of April?


Yes! Easter is sometimes even in March! Next year Easter is the same day as April Fools Day! And that is not a prank.


Do you know why? (I guess I'm not the only one on spring break XD)


Nope! (R u talking about me? My bus is gonna come soon I still have school my break was like 2 weeks ago)


Oh. 2morrow is my last day of break ;-;
Next year Easter is on April 1st and I will always ask why until I get an answer XD


Looks like we could rllly become good frens :3
Maybe later we could chat(what I mean by later is when your home from school)


@KawaiiRose, It's really cool how it changes every year!
I think it has something to do with the moon's cycle?


Yeah your right.


Happy birthday, Hopscotch! :D I'm late.


Happy late B day HS!


Ohhh same.

It's ending tomorrow.

 Spring break


Happy Birthday 2 U!
Ur not 102!
You don't smell like a monkey!!!
And you don't look like one too!
Yeah this kinda doesn't rhyme Lol


Hp b'day 2 u
Hp b'day 2 u

Hp b'day dear HS
Hp b'day 2 u

U donut stink like poo
Instead you smell like roses oo

Hp b'day dear HS
Hp b'day 2 u


Happy Birthday to you, Hopscotch! I think I may have been there for Hopscotch's 2nd and 3rd birthday.

Hopscotch has changed a lot these years.


Yay! Happy late birthday!


Happy late birthday as well! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: