Hopscotch's 5th Birthday! Code AND Art competition-ENTER NOW


As some of you may or may not know, Hopscotch’s 5th birthday is on April 16th. In honor of that, I am starting a competition, but unlike some competitions that are code only, this competition will be for code and art! Here’s how it will go: the judges will pick 3 winners in the code part and 3 winners in the art part, so there will be 2 first place people, 2 second place people, and 2 third place people. Please make the art on Hopscotch. Post your project on here to enter it. Also, I would prefer if you would only enter one or the other. I’ll need like 4 other judges to sign up.

Due date: April 14th, 2018

Prizes (feel free to edit some in):


  • nomination for Employee of the Month
  • nomination for featured or rising
  • shoutout by Sophia
  • 100+ likes
  • pfp request by @sophia71205
  • logo made by @Kitkat26
  • figurative respect from Nindroid
  • Leaked passwords, IPs, and emails from 3000 forum users.
  • A free Trail Art request from @William04GamerA
  • Theme song by @Sugarisyummy ( Btw for 1st,2nd,3rd it may not be the best one )
  • A GlowCumber of them self’s by @Got_This_Glow
  • a short congrats from @KVJ* provided he is on, which is unlikely
  • A follow and possibly likes from @IShallNotBeNamed



And remember even if the judges don’t nominate you for featured or rising, someone else might later on.


Drawing on Paper Compared to an IPad (Shading, Shaping, etc.) Topic 15 [OFFICIAL]

Can I be a judge? : )


Sure! I trust your judgement so I don’t think I need to ask any questions.


Ok cool! Thanks!


Could I be a judge too?


Of course!

Now, we just need projects to judge…


I’m not the greatest coder


Hm, but as it is looking rn, some random new HSer would have a good chance at winning XD


I’ll advertise if you want
To bad piano isn’t here anymore


I advertised in the drawing topic so we’ll at least have art to judge XD

Hm, well, he did get another account…you should make him make one last trail art.
And more people will probably see this in the morning.


Time difference
That trail art was sooooo bad XPPP


I may be able to do this!
But it’ll be a very simple project, or trail art


So what do we have to draw about? I’m guessing something related to the hopscotch anniversary right?


Hey sometimes simple is best!
Good luck if you so choose to enter


That would be ideal


I think I will enter:
I’m most likely going to do a trail art, should it be randomizing?


Uh…try to make it hopscotch anniversary related


Indeed. Sorry that I’m not replying. I’m trying to manage a tycoon XD


Thanks for the clarification! However I literally just saw the thing where it said the project had to be done on the app.

I don’t have many happy experiences on that place, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to join the competition. Sorry for the inconvenience…


That’s fine
We understand :smiley: