HopscotchRemixer's Topic Wormhole


the intensity level has raised significantly


says the mirro


People can just click on your profile XDD
Nah, I think Mobcraft made a topic portal


Really? I have never seen it before, got this idea from a friend


Mobcraft made a topic with links for new forumers, so this is different…
not exactly the first topic to be like this XP


Oh ok then…my friend had a wormhole thing that like linked certain things he had made, so they were easy to access


Decent idea but as Anonymous said we can go through your profile.
@HopscotchRemixer where are your flagged posts?


I remember this account smh




Pretty much on the debate about the Drawing Topic topic


This is not the first one, there are several topic portals already.


Really? When I looked them up I couldn’t find any, maybe that is because I searched Wormhole, because that is what I call them


Wow, this s really cool! This helps cause a lot of people have a ton of topics.
What happens if we can’t find this topic though


Prove it



Okay nice :ok_hand:
I’d never seen one before :joy:


YEY! You’re here’s! I’m happy


I need to go. I’ll be back in half an hour


This is my personal one though, not like a link to every single topic(well I know it isn’t every single topic but whatever)


Yeah, I just wanted to mention that :D