HopscotchRemixer's Topic Wormhole


If you are here because you want to know more about me, just ask some of my friends, or look through a GT, my topics are sorted in here.
My topic wormhole, this is so you can easily access topics I have made. This is the first of this kind on this forum so if you make one credit to me :smiling_imp:.

General Topics

General Topic 1 (Deleted)
General Topic 2
Project Tracker
Rate Me
Decode Topic
Old DecodeTopic

Meta Forum

Nuking Topics Public Announcment
Drawing Debate Topic (Nuked)
Hopscotch Forum But Every Time Forum Game
Consecutive Day Debate
Polls For Community Leaders
Why Aren’t PMs Allowed Debate
Great Topic Glitch Discussion
Discovering New Features About Discobot
Mass Group Tag List Topic
Forum Updates To Profile Screen
Forum Nicknames
Forumer Acronyms
Forum Update Why Are You Editing
Forum Beginners Topic
Forum Goals
General Topic Category Debate
Forum Debate Topic
Admin_Support Topic
Bugs In The Forum (New)
Bugs In The Forum (Old)





u know people can access your topics by just clicking ur profile


@HopscotchRemixer this is Skribbl.io wanna join? Me and Xman are in


Ask @mobcraft about 5is being the first of its kind

It’s far from it


Yeah but I have like 70 topics…


i have like 270
plus if anyone wanted to search up they could just use the search bar

way more efficient


meme meerur is here @OrangeScent1 @Maltese


the intensity level has raised significantly


says the mirro


People can just click on your profile XDD
Nah, I think Mobcraft made a topic portal


Really? I have never seen it before, got this idea from a friend


Mobcraft made a topic with links for new forumers, so this is different…
not exactly the first topic to be like this XP


Oh ok then…my friend had a wormhole thing that like linked certain things he had made, so they were easy to access


Decent idea but as Anonymous said we can go through your profile.
@HopscotchRemixer where are your flagged posts?


I remember this account smh




Pretty much on the debate about the Drawing Topic topic


This is not the first one, there are several topic portals already.


Really? When I looked them up I couldn’t find any, maybe that is because I searched Wormhole, because that is what I call them