HopscotchRemixer's Coding Club!(HRCC) Join Now!


@TheCoders @OMTL
Hello people! I am restarting my Coding Club from a long time ago. The way this Coding Club works is that every week, I post a challenge, you then complete that challenge and you get a reward(exp. a follow). If I feel like you are making good projects I might promote you!
F you want to join just say you want to join! I would prefer if you would give me what you like to code too!
List of people in HRCC:


ILL JOIN. I HatE Coding.


Lol…I have to go…


How do u promote people in a group?


You don’t, at least bit here.


could I join? Also, I code pretty much anything and everything but if I had to have a preference I’d say I prefer making pixel arts! Also also, do we have to participate every single week? Or is it ok if we accidentally miss one sometimes?


It is not a tag list… it is just a group of people. @LegendOfFriday do you want to join?


@MyPizza you are in. I would prefer you not to miss a week but it is not like I am going to kick you out or punish you or anything. This is a friendly environment.


K I’ll do my best👍🏻 Thanks!


I will do e first challenge once 7 people join…


I will TRY to do the challanges, this sounds really fun though. I can’t promise an entry on every one because I have to work on my own club and finish up these trail art portrait requests. But I will tune into this topic a few times!


Sorry. I don’t have HS anymore and this club is closed down