HopscotchRemixer’s GT II



They can “unlock” my iPad so it allows it to be repaired


Ok finally starting to feel a bit better.


Yay that’s good
I’m glad ur better dude


Ok. Will you ask them to do that?


No, not really. Why would I ask them to unlock it so I could break the reason the lock was put on the iPad in the first place (to prevent content from being downloaded on it)?


Understandable. This is the latest Hopscotch beta that I could find which you can download directly from your browser:
More information is available here:


I didn’t think that still worked.


I don´t really know to be honest - they say that you need an account when you visit the page.


Yeah, that’s new.

I think I tried getting it a while ago and it didn’t work.

It also crashes whenever I try to open it, so I think it is probably just not working.


It said that the app was not found for me, so I guess that this doesn´t work anymore.


this is off topic

but i just came back with 200 posts from a topic that was last may



4,500 views on my profile


Do any of you guys have suggestions on how to improve the forum? Like category ideas, badge ideas, competition ideas, etc?


Competition ideas…

  • pride month competition (or would that cause flame wars)
  • monthly contests
  • summer contest — oh wait that happens every year (will the winners get custom titles as a prize btw??)
  • back to school contest
  • winter contest
  • new year contest
  • holiday contest


Those are some good ideas!


More official Competitions by THT. Sorry I can’t type too much right now.


Hi, can I please get out of the coders? I left the forum, and I got a lot of notifs.


Great idea but I don’t think it’d be official.

I’ll do an unofficial one on the Igbt coding club topic tho


Ok wait what the heck I just tried to post a reply about what we should have to make the forums better and then it did this


You probably had a word that was banned but it didn’t tell you. Find the words that may be bad or cause fights. Or ask a leader or someone else