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Do you have a computer? If so, I can help you, but please keep in mind that if you install Hopscotch, your school might be unhappy about that.

EDIT: You can do it using a software called “3UTools”. Download and install it on your computer, plug in your iPad, create a spare Apple ID just for installing apps using this software. I do not recommend using your main Apple ID for this (if you have one), even though the software says that it isn´t sent to Apple´s servers. After that, go to the “Apps” section (when your device is connected), log in with your Apple ID using the button “Bind”. Now, I think that you just can search up Hopscotch and click on “Download”. Tell me if it doesn´t work!


Yeah that’s not fun… I hope you feel better soon! If you do have strep throat gurgling apple cider vinegar helps, but it hurts a lot.


School system won’t allow external applications to be connected to my iPad


That is tricky then. Does it allow iTunes, or no external software at all?


It allows iTunes. All apps that get automatically downloaded are present except like the App Store


if your ipad is on ios 10 you can wipe it and the app store will appear for enough time to find an app and download it. It unfortunately doesn’t work on ios 11


Would like for there to be more general discussion here, where I actually talk to people. Not just post some random update not expecting a response.



Ok I can finally be on for a long stretch of time. Want to have a normal conversation with somebody.


I am here.


Hello Hopscotcher.

What do you want to talk about?


For one I am sick right now so that suc.ks


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Nice! Unfortunately, I doubt that you are on here now and I also need to go pretty soon.


Why doesn´t it allow 3UTools then? Because I think that it is based on Apple drivers.


You can’t import any application either. Reminder, this is an iPad, now SD Card or USB. The only way you can get something is online or through Air Dropping.


102 fever…ugh. I also have a test tomorrow, pretty sure I can’t go tomorrow though


Wait what you’re a leader

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I swore this wouldn’t happen again


Okay, sorry. Wow, that’s a lot of limits that they have put on there! As 3UTools is widely used by repair shops and as an iTunes alternative, I thought that it could bypass those restrictions.