HopscotchRemixer’s GT II



Ok, it just seemed some of this was unnecessary. Thank you for clarifying


It may have been deleted.

If you had bookmarks on it, you can find those if it is only unlisted.

Not sure why you’d want to access it, it’d be a pain to get rid of all the bad stuff if it still exists.


Don’t have any bookmarks left of it. I thought Gobli still had the link because I think she shared it with me once, but I can’t find it


I think it was more than unlisted. I’m pretty sure it was deleted.


I don’t


@Rodrigo is the Hopscotch logo using a font that you guys made, or is it just custom text?


It’s a mix of both. It’s based on a font but it’s custom. So, yeah, mostly custom.


Ok thanks for answering :slightly_smiling_face:


Can somebody check my page for my account on HS? My user is OfficialHopscotchRemixer



@thecoders can someone take a few screenshots of what my profile looks like now on HS. My username is OfficialHopscotchRemixer




(I also just liked a bunch of your projects)




Thanks to both of you! Just wanted to see how it was doing


What happened to your Hopscotch?


school removed it from the app catalogue witch is a place were we can download apps that the school aproves


What PTF said. We live in the same county


I am sick today from a fever and possibly strep throat?


@PartTimeFemale how were you able to download Hopscotch again(on school devices)? Can you show images or something


That stinks, hope you feel better asap!