HopscotchRemixer’s GT II



Ana just gifted me leader 1 minute ago.

Thanks everyone!



Yeah I saw and welcomed you

Welcome to the team, again!!




Wow! That’s so awesome, congrats!






Lol saw that before you edited >:3


? Lol what, it’s just random letters XD


congrats, you deserve it :))


I already welcomed you too, but welcome again! You will be an awesome addition to our team.


Awesome job! Congrats! :partying_face: :partying_face:


Hey @HopscotchRemixer


Why did you close this topic @HopscotchRemixer? Many people could still have questions about it and it would be great if they could ask it on that topic…


The bug at hand had been dealt with, if you still have questions you can either tag other people or if you are really desperate I will open the topic again :slight_smile:


Ok I have been on here for like 5 hours straight, I think I deserve a break


@ItzMya a lot of the decisions we make are as a team, and the random closings of old topics is just because we either don’t want conversation to start up again, or we will unlist it later to prevent people from viewing it. Also I want to let you know that we don’t want to be ,ean or anything, it’s just we think some changes are better for the forum.


Why would you need to do that? I understand some instances like old gts and duplicate topics, but if it’s a useful post like I mentioned earlier on this topic, why close it?


Back when the forum had some to none moderation, so much stuff got by, and we just wanted to make sure inappropriate stuff like that isn’t viewed


Anyone have the link to my original general topic? @Gobli09 I seem to remember you had a link…



Ah simple times…when I was actually able to post HS projects…