HopscotchRemixer’s GT II



Hopefully she is doing good IRL though


Yeah. And I’m sure she is unless she’s stressed from school or her parents are fighting. It would be nice to know that she’s okay and to say goodbye though.


Have a new forum “project” I’m working on. :school:


Tried posting, needs mod approval.

It was Hopscotch Academy v2.

Basically I expanded on the whole idea, now with passive and active courses.



I would just like to say thank you. You are so under appreciated for how much you help everyone on this forum. You’re an amazing person, thanks for staying with us for this long :slight_smile:


Wow, that totally made my day! Thank you for the kind words. I am on here because of this amazing and fun community (and also because I love coding, of course). I love helping people and I won´t quit either Hopscotch, coding or helping people, I promise. :slight_smile:


You are probably the nicest person in this community to be completly honest.


Really? What about you then?


I’m nowhere near as nice as you are


You are! What you said above is proof of it.


No, I’m just thanking the awesome people


Then, you should thank yourself :wink:


Have you ever noticed that people in other countries have better English grammar than most people in America? Just saying… I mean, there are some serious grammar police on here, but when a person in Russia pays more attention to their grammar than a person whose family has lived in America for 10 generations…


The tag list code help used to never get used, glad people are finally using it again!


@Ana who is the new forum leader?


I saw Jazz with a leader title. (Didn’t want to tag him so he wasn’t summoned)


My school system is screwing up our WiFi at home, may not be able to get on as much this week, IDK let’s see how this goes


@Ana sent you an email with my parents permission


Can’t believe this project got 110 Plays lol:


The project is really glitchy and only works if the X pos of the circle is in perfect alignment with the X pos of a rectangle.