HopscotchRemixer’s GT II



They were on HS still at one point but I think they aren’t anymore.


Wow, that looks cool. I really like the way the colors match. What logo maker did you use, if you remember that?


it looks really cool and professional!


I don’t remember to be honest :sweat_smile:


Is MRGAM3R still on the forum? Can’t seem to find his profile…


Never mind just found them… can’t get the account to show up in search though


Very tiny pfp, may need to zoom in a bit for readability


Hmm… weird. Are you sure that their profile isn’t hidden? That’s a new Discouse feature since a while back.


No I got it to work, I think Imwas just typing it wrong


Anyone else gotten a reply back from Ana/THT?


What’d she say to you? I didn’t email her since I haven’t been on for 6 months yet.


Related to what?


The forum leaders application


@UnicornRainbow I joined Hopscotch because of my school system promoting it heavily, that’s the cold hard truth, and I found it fun!


@Ana could you post an update on the forum leaders?


My views just accelerated a lot for no reason


We miss you photo :frowning:


Just another day with nothing to do…probably no school tomorrow…


This place is so lonely. Here’s some advertisement:


IKR. Like, I was doing something yesterday and thought to myself, “I’ll have to tell Photo because only she would fully understand.” Then I remembered that she left…