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Just, do it.


Thanks for stopping fortnite :DDDDDDDD


I don’t want to leave but I never feel motivated to come on…


The day I leave matches up perfectly with 500 days


Thank you @FearlessPhoenix for switching my topic category.


Glad to see two suggestions I emailed to Ana actually became a reality! Thanks @Ana!


Yeah no prob bro


@discobot start new user



A guide to everything is a topic series where all the features on the forum get described in great detail to help new users understand how to use the forum effectively and to have fun.

What are badges?
Badges are small rewards you get when you complete certain things, for example liking posts, or just being active in the forum. Badges are an achievement system for the forum. They have no affect on what happens around the forum but they do look cool in your profile. This is a guide to every single badge obtainable on the Hopscotch Forum.

Badge Levels-
Badges come in 3 levels, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Bronze badges are the easiest to get, while Gold are the hardest. Not all Bronze badges have Silver and a Gold counterparts, and some Silver and a Gold versions of badges exist in the files but aren’t obtainable on this forum.

Getting Started-

Badge Description: This badge is granted upon completion of the interactive new user tutorial. You’ve taken initiative to learn the basic tools of discussion, and now you’re certified!

How to obtain:

  1. Type in a topic: “@discobot start new user”
    2.Click on your profile image, and go the Private Message labeled
    :robot: Greetings!”
  2. After reading Discobot’s first message in the Private Message, click on the 3 dot icon at the bottom of the post and then click on the bookmark
  3. After completing that, click on your profile picture at the top right of your screen, then click on the bookmark, this will bring to the screen where you have bookmarked all your posts.
  4. Go back to the Private Message, and copy one of the three links posted, and reply with the link pasted in the post.
  5. Following that and reading Discobot’s new post,make a new post with an emoji in it.
  6. After posting that type in @discobot into your next post.
  7. Next, make a post with either bold or italic text. To do this surround a word like this: * word * or like this: ** word **, without the spaces.
  8. Following that quote the grayed part of the post, by clicking the reply up button next to a post and then clicking on the dialogue box at the top left of the post interface. Quoting somebody doesn’t count as text in a post, so type some other stuff outside the quote. Then click on reply to post it.
  9. Next click the like button of a Discobot new post, and upload an image to a post by clicking on the image icon at the top of the post interface.
  10. Almost done, click the 3 dot icon again and then click on the flag icon. Chose the reason you want to report Discobot, which in this case is for being Innapropriate.
  11. Second to last step, click on the magnifying glass next to your Profile picture and type in the keyword “capybara”. It will bring you to the first post where there is now a picture of a capybara.
  12. Make a new post with the herb emoji in it. Do this by choosing the Herb emoji in the select screen or by typing :herb:
  13. All done! Collect your badge and you finished the first tutorial!


Merry Christmas ya Filthy Animals! :christmas_tree:


@discobot start new user


Merry Christmas to you to ya filthy animal! ;p


Welp…2nd to last day on the forum


Well, bye, I guess…

Even though this is a bit early.


Tomorrow is my last day, and also my 500th day. Good to see I’m ending on a big number!


why don’t you go for 600 days?


Peace Out! :love_you_gesture:



wait, your leaving?

ill miss you friend


Are you leaving for real? If so, I will miss you a lot. You have done so many nice things for the community. Good luck IRL, bye.


You frustrate me…

I’ll miss you a lot. Visit sometime to see how ScotchPhoto will still be thriving XD