HopscotchRemixer’s GT II



But what about the image?


Don’t worry about smurfy, he ha,tes it when people censor things. He needs to see the censored usernames to fully believe the information shown in the image. It helps his brain absorb the meme.


Hi .

D o y o u k n o w i f i t i s m o n d a y a n d e v e r y o n e s t o p s f o r t n i t e t h a n k y o u


Yes I do know if it’s monday and if everyone stops fortnite you’re welcome


Omg that would be great thank you so much gobli!


It’s Monday sir and sadly no one stops fortnite because my English teacher still likes putting fortnite into stuff.


Your teacher probably thinks that it’s popular so things will make more sense to the kids.


It’s a GT class and we’re 6th graders, why wouldn’t it make sense if she didn’t use fortnite?


I don’t know, but I have like zero knowledge of pop culture.


No one needs more fortnite in their lives anyways


Uncensor it.


I can stop fortnite for you.


Why do you want me to?


do it right now please


I feel like just thinking about life in a corner right now wrapped in a heated blanket…maybe I’ll do just that


I’m sitting in bed with a two day old heater blanket :3




Because it is censored.


But why do you want to see it??


So tired…yaaaaaawnnnnnn