HopscotchRemixer’s GT II




I think either pvz or Mario
(Idk tho)


Yeah sorry that’s not correct


i don’t know anything about video games :joy:


This topic is dead from the torso up


And everywhere else so RIP


@Paige1212 How about this one? Should be easier…


is that official pixel art? 0.o


No it’s not, but if you know the series it’s quite obvious


Wrote abc email to THT…hopefully I get a response soon…


Still no reply back from THT


I like how if I make a post in here and don’t tag you guys, it might get two likes, but if I tag you guys it’s basically a free 20 likes :joy: (that’s why I try not to tag you guys a lot and be selfish)



*Good job ppls.





Hello all Hopscotchers and Forumers, and welcome to the 1st Annual Hopscotch Christmas Competition! This is a contest that is ran by the community, where Hopscotchers make projects and Forumers judge the projects!

Project Rules-
-The project must be a coding project, no art submissions! (Art pads are allowed)
-No collabs, you must work by yourself, but if you need help you can ask someone!
-The project must be Holiday/Christmas/Winter themed, any project that does not fulfill that theme will not be accepted!
-Projects must be submitted by December 20th!

To enter-
Just post the project (as a link) in this topic! No need to inform us that you are making a project, that’s really it!

Judge Requirements-
-Must have a Discourse Meta account
-You must have been a judge in one other competition


By the way this stands for-

By The Way New Profile Picture Not That Anyone Cares

If you were wondering


I noticed that actually :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well nevermind:


Yep, I am quick at slamming holidays in people’s faces.