HopscotchRemixer’s GT II



I did the same yesterday lol


Thank you for emailing THT whenever there is an issue on the forum!


Well I feel like it’s my job to do if no one else will (which Stal98 told me he did it, so I am glad that other people are starting to do it too)


We haven’t talked in a bit
How are you?


I am fine I guess, sorry for the late reply Gobli


Just asking


No I don’t know what it is


Okeee no worries


When you work at Hopscotch @thecoders


I think I don’t have regular because I haven’t replied in enough topics. Idk tho lol


that’s a requirement?


Apparently lol


So true XD
Is that Blondie?
We get that one in the newspaper every Sunday :stuck_out_tongue:


I was looking up some comics that had Hopscotch in them


Oh okay.
I think it’s Blondie.
There was a good peanuts comic that had hopscotch in it… I think I lost the paper that had it in it or something.


Yeah I know it’s Blondie


I was looking for the peanuts one but I found a good one:



I have seen that one too while looking some up


Hah :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m having trouble finding any good ones the farther I scroll down XD