HopscotchRemixer’s GT II



Hello! Welcome to my second General Topic! My last one got unlisted do to a bullyin.g problem (I was the one being bullied) so I made this one! If you don’t know what an unlisted topic is, basically you can’t view the topic under normal circumstances, unless you have the link (And I’m not going to give anyone the link)

-No being mean
-No inappropriate content
-Try to stay positive

Write Your Compliments Below(Not that you should have any)-

I like small potatoes -Hopscotcher


You are AWESOME - Stal98

Sorry I must look up ‘Compliment’ in my dictionary…
Ah yes… Awesome? - HopedHoper

Compliments are great. Just like Scotch Tape


Deserves to eat potatoes and chocolates- Jojo

Cough drops are good -Mimi

Dinger AKA Scotch Tape AKA HopscotchRemixer is Amazing! -Xman.

Pretty cool dudem, stand for freedom rights - BlastFusion

HopscotchRemixer is nice. I feel like he can be trusted -Yusa

You are koolio-yay

Nindroid is after my muffins help me -JonnyGamer

Halp Nindroid’s almost got my muffins - tankt2016

Hey it’s Foxy just stopping by pOTaTo rAInBOws (okay sorry) NOT SORRY (I’m actually sorry for being so random so I’ll just be on my way…

HopscotchRemixer is really friendly and nice! -ArtisticCoder

@HopscotchRemixer, this is NOT the blandest GT ever, mine’s way more dead!

Yay! @HopscotchRemixer is the best! -@UnicornRainbow

P otato-paigey

Twizzler Minis are my favorite -Twizzler

I am here- GweTV

Conquistador and Huitzilopochtli
HopscotchRemixer's Topic Wormhole

Ok welcome! Plz don’t make massive flame wars. And no talking about the incident.


I recognize you so hi how are you doin


I am good. Rodrigo I think unlisted my old GT because it died in a flame war with a hater.


Well, hi! I miss some of the posts on your old one.


Yeah oh well. We will have to make some memorable ones here too. Also photo is going to be like…what happened?


@photographer123 @photographer123


More like, “Wth happened to Scotch’s GT :000?”


what happened?


I am going to tell her, it got unlisted, because we killed it, it was a team effort :smiley:


Rude people. Flags. Rodrigo coming on all of a sudden.


Geez… Rodrigo closes everything. He closed PianoMan’s general topic that had nothing going on in it… at least I can understand this one.


This one was being flagged and lounged. I think he got confused on Pianoman’s.

Hey, Tea!


He doesn’t close everything…


System closed one XD


Well he has been known to close things randomly


That wasn’t random though. I mean, it was heated, but we were calming down.


Yeah, but it had already been lunged twice, and every other post was flagged like literally, it was going to happen.


I just read through your rate yourself topic, and just… don’t doubt yourself :+1:


And the weird part is, the topic where it all started didn’t get flagged down…like at least to the point where it got unlisted, but it is still closed, because of flags,