Hopscotchifying Songs



Hi Hopscotchers! (sorry people who don't have Hopscotch, this topic isn't exactly for you...)
I'm getting very interested in recreating songs IRL into HS. I don't really know how though. Does anyone have any tips and tricks?

Thanks! :grin:


It helps to find the sheet music.


1) figure out a setting that has better range, because hs only has two very limiting octaves

2) slip in some quick accidentals to make your hopscotchification sound more sophisticated

3) as stated above, sheet music sometimes does help, but not really if you don't have the right key and/or are working with a multi-line piece.
adding too many notes will make it lag extroardinarily, so it's often better to make the melody and add on bases according to how you'd like it to sound.

4) bpm converters are your oasis


FInd sheet music. Know how to read music. I can't read it well, but I can read it.


You can use the music notes that are in Hopscotch. As everyone is saying, learn how to read the staff music and put in the letters. Here's Mary had a Little Lamb:



I usually just mess around on an instrument to figure out the notes. That or google the sheet music.


I used to compose music in my time! Here are some tips:

  • Make all of the note intervals be a multiple of a certain number to keep the song in rhythm. For example, if a full measure is 1000 milliseconds, a quarter of a measure would be 250 milliseconds, half a measure 500, etcetera. Make all of your measures add up to one number!
  • Seriously, keep the note intervals the same. If even one note interval is different, the song's rhythm will end up messed up.
  • Add chords. Chords are when more than one note plays on the same beat! Make the notes you'd like in the chord before the last note be 0 milliseconds, then make the last note however many beats you want it to be. Chords make your song sound great!
    • Don't add too many notes to a chord. This will make your song lag out. I'd recommend using three notes per usual, four notes at max.

If you want to Hopscotchify music, I'd recommend learning how to read sheet music (which isn't that bad! Musictheory.net is a great way to learn things related to music), then putting all of those notes into Hopscotch! Otherwise, if you want to make an original song, find a good tempo and code away! :D


Start with "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"! It is really simple to make, it was actually one of my first projects that I made! It is also possible to recreate with the sounds and notes in Hopscotch. You should also check out @BuildASnowman's MIDI hack! Search the forum, Hopscotch or YouTube for more information about the MIDI hack, it is really cool!


Wow there are a lot of tips here :slight_smile:

When I first came across this topic, I couldn't think of any, but now I have one. This can save you doing some extra calculations in your head, and also makes it easier to change the speed of the song at any time.

you can set a Wait interval and use multiples of that wait interval in each sound block.

Start sound C Wait Interval*2
Start sound E Wait Interval*3

And @MR.GAM3R made a MIDI hack tool too :upside_down:


Wow! Thanks guys, these tips will really help.


I forgot to write that, his tool is really cool!


Please provide any audio or video clip.


Once you find out, pls pls plsssss do a song from descendants 2