Hopscotchify Apps


I Want to start making apps in hopscotch like example: minecraft? But I need suggestions for apps to make ;D

I may need some help too?



An iTunes maybe, if ur good at music, I could probably help with that


Maybe you could try Hopscotchifying Plants Vs. Zombies :D


That sounds like a GREAT​:joy: plan


Insta graham cracker (auto carrot)


How about roblox!!!!!


Sorry those are just like meh life...
Byeee gonna go make some music.lys!!


Yeah I like music.ly too ;D

(What's yours? , you don't have to tell me ;D)



Well my phone is currently broken so i have to wait and make a new music.ly account.. so i'm using my sisters I'll tell you when i get my new phone :smiley:


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Avairy photo editor
Sims City
Piano Tiles
Toca kitchen

Idk, I just listed random apps. :joy:


Not an app, but how about the game going nowhere, only 2D, so it can be hopscotchified.


I hopscotchify apps all the time! I can probably help. Though I haven't played minecraft in a while...:thinking:


Minecraft would be kinda common, unless it is really good. Also, 3D would be super hard, 2D can be done...?...


Trial Extreme. You know like those motorcycle games???


You cant do 3D, although you can make 2.5D. 3D would be literally popping out of your screen


Yes yes yes yes!

Btw what's your name I wanna friend you :slight_smile:

Mine is JigglyPuff1231


I am hugabear33!!!!!!




@Huggingfluffybear @iReesesCup Im going to add you my name is JustinIken