Hopscotchified. The Forum Tale



I was kinda bored, so I made this!
Please leave a reply if you see a bug! :D I will definitely add on to this.

A game in Progress

Once upon a time, you find yourself bored. No one is on the forum, so what do you do?

Open Hopscotch

You open the app Hopscotch. Just as you open it, it crashes again.

What do you do?

Open it again

As you open it, nothing happens. Then it crashes, and the app hopscotch completely disappears from your device. Wiped out.

Use another app

You start using another app. Flappy Bird! Boop. Boop. You get a high score of 43 points.

Keep playing

Your mom yells at you for playing on your iPad. The end.

Don't open Hopscotch

You go on the forum, and finally someone is there! But there seems to be a bot fight going on.

Watch it!

@PopTart0219 and @Follow4LikesOfficial struggle on opening and closing the topic.

Comment "rude things"

Liza doesn't find it funny, and you get suspended.

Enjoy the view

You find it funny.
Make a drawing about it?


You draw. When you come back, it's over. Thanks to @Kiwicute2016, the flagged posts were deleted.

Tell Kiwicute: Thanks!

You tell Kiwicute thanks, and she starts following you! :D

Ignore it

Life goes on as usual, nothing really new... Except for that @Gilbert189, @SmilingSnowflakes and some others are making a new game!

Check it Out!

You open the colaboration topic, and they're on! You ask to help, and they accept! You are an excellent contributor, and they start following you! :D

Don't Care

Life goes on as usual... The end.


You don't make a picture of it, and watch. 1 hour passes. You get off hopscotch and proceed to school.

Don't care.

You close your iPad, then you proceed to school. Learn stuff :sunglasses:


That is awesome! :D


I spent like 3 minutes trying to find where I was tagged. :joy:
It happens if you ignore @Kiwicute2016! So sad.
Can't like. :scream:


I dare you to quote it and look at the code xD


I did that too! :D


That is really amazing.. I can play that for hours


Lol all da <hi>s


This is awesome good job




Make up your mind people xD


Someone is very unsure of their vote XD


Yes i realy wanna choose the bottom one


I didn't ignore this one :joy:.


Seriously, I can't even reply when there is a bot fight going on! Remember the Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) bot fight? I only like to say, "I'm watching.".


That's not relevant to the current discussion.


Deleted it.