Hopscotchia - Land of It All


Welcome to Hopscotchia, a tiny corner of Hopscotch! All Hopscotchians must have a home and job, thankfully obtaining both is entirely free. Here, if you are a subscriber, you are considered upper class. Now, who will be the residents?

@TheRealBlah - Game Creation Supervisor
@Rainboom - Cop
@Malie - Pixel Artist
@Ella_13 - App Publisher
@Razor - Game Creator
@thebestest - Game Creator
@Sensei_Coder - Trail Artist
@Hermione - Trail Artist
@Gabe_N - Website Publisher

Available jobs:
Trail art designer (unlimited)
Pixel artist (unlimited)
Game creator (unlimted)
Website desginer (unlimited)
Cop (unlimited)

How it all works

Once you're a resident you will be given a house. This will actually be a reply you post and you will edit it to make announcements and share projects. You must also choose a job. There are different coding industries (like pixel art) and everyone in that industry has a supervisor. For the website industry, it actually has a website publisher. When you've made a website you think deserves to go on the official website portal below just tag the publisher and they will decide. If I approve of it as well I will add it to the portal. Also, when you make a project you think should go on the app list just tag the app publisher and if they and I approve of it, onto the app list it goes. It will be a published app just like the websites on the portal are published websites.
Whevener you finish a project for your coding industry tag your supervisor with the project link beside the tag. Here, points are like money and your supervisor will choose the amount of points you get. You also get 100 points for every app or website you publish. You can use points to buy the prizes listed below in the Supermarket. I manage purchases. You are in charge of keeping track of how many points you have.
I will hire cops to keep this on-topic and appropriate. Don't be sad if you ask to be a cop and I say no, I need people I trust to do their job. If you ever have a question, just ask a cop!

Website Portal

App List


100 points- a follow
300 points- a shoutout
500 points- a drawing request from me
200 points- job change (yes, you have to pay to change jobs)

The Law

The rules you must follow or a cop will punish you.

-Always respect others; no flame wars!
-Never get off-topic
-Nothing inappropriate
-No scandals or scams
-Do your job!
-Don't claim to have more points than you actually have!
-Don't become a resident and never post or anything. I'll probably remove your residency.

THANK YOU FOR READING! Please please please join and make this popular! I need a pixel artist supervisor and game creators!

The Hopscotch 7 o'clock News w/anyone

I wAnna be a game creation supervisor!


Ok! Please create your house now.





All Credit to Donald.
My points
10 http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/hopscotchia-land-of-it-all/22367/5?u=therealblah


Nice house. Here's a gift of ten points.


I'll join! :D

I'll be a cop >:3


Can I be a pixel artist?


Can I b an app publisher please?

What do they do?.....


I'll go with the game creator
Here's my house
) ) /\
===== / \
_|___|_____/ __ ____________
|::::::::::. | | \:::::::::::.
|:::::::::./ ==== \::::::::::.
|_________| ____ |__________|
| ______ | / || \ | _______ |
|| | || ====== || | ||
||--+---|| | | ||---+---||
||__|___|| | o| ||___|___||
|========| |____| |=========|
(,, , ,, ,/________\,,,, ,, ,)
','',,,,' /__________\,,,',',;


Lounge room

This is my house! :D


Game Creator? U work for Trump Enterprises INC/Me. EDIT: I actually supervise you and you work for me.(Maybe, lemme check).


Can I please be the supervisor ?


Which suprivisor @SilverDolphin?


Any one would be fine !


Would you like to work for me in Hopscotchia?


What is your job ? I want to be a supervisor with you as I will not be as active soon !


Game Creation Suprivisor. Unfortunately there is only one. But you can be a game creator.


I want to help you though ! Can you ask @EmmabugOnTheForum ?


Can I make the trail arts?


Sure! I have to go now.