Hopscotchers' YouTube Channels!



I have made my own hopscotch tutorial YouTube channel! My first video will be posted tomorrow morning; I'm still editing and need to re-watch several times more!
Do you know any other hopscotchers who have a YouTube channel? Please comment or tell me below.
Posted June 4 2016:

Rawrbear's FMTL



Hmm... @Kiwicute2016, I can't remember, is this allowed? I would assume not, as all social media is banned, and this is about the same, but I'm not sure.


BuildASnowman said it was allowed as long as it had no personal info, I think...

I'll go find the post.


I this this is fine I thought I saw something from Liza!


I'm a YouTuber! And so is @Dude73! :slight_smile:


There. Well that didn't take as long as I thought it would. XD


Guys its okay I am only helping others by making tutorials. Don't worry I didn't put ANYBODY in the video.


Okay! I'm about confused as to why social media isn't allowed, but this is, but that's irrelevant. My bad, my carry on!


So, back to the topic, does anybody else know any hopscotchers with a YouTube channel?!


I have a YT channel. It is mainly focused on coding and gaming.


Well THT uses Twitter and YouTube and stuff


Me! Me has channel!


What is it called @MobCraft?


It is called (insert me)

It has 3 subscribers


I have a channel for UNDERTALE stuffs. I used to have one for YouTube, but now since they deleted the record button, I can't upload anymore.


Gimme le link..... gonna take me foreva.


Mine is personal
So yeah..
I won't post it
Cause it has my voice and stuff
Maybe if you can look hard enough you might find a link to my channel


Oh yeah, mine's contains my voice :confused:


PHOTOBOMB! 1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!


Well, since I've made a YouTube video and the Hopscotch Team supports Hopscotch YouTube videos, I suppose it's ok as long as there's no personal info.