Hopscotchers You Should Be Following That You Probably Don't



I know, I know, SEARCH BEFORE YOU POST. But, I would like to create my own list like @OrangeScent1's. So, please leave some suggestion and check out everybody on this list:


Makes all around awesome projects and games. My favorite project of her's is Fire Particles. Talk to her on the forum @GysvANDRegulus


Makes AMAZING logos for people. Has created some amazing games including my collaboration with him on"Astro Dance"


One of the best rising hopscotchers, created a great husky pixel art and amazing character models. You can even request her for an animated username!


Uses many different aspects of coding to create great projects. Was just featured for his awesome Hot Air Balloon project. My personal favorite is his "3D Emoji Phone."


Now everybody's copying my list D^: oh well it's fine...
Add awesome Johnson, he makes really good projects!


You should add OceanFlow :whale: to the list. She does awesome drawing and code and is making a scrollable website


He follows me XD. It was a really great idea though. :wink:


She's a she


I follow Swift771! He is amazing!