Hopscotchers that you think deserve attention!



This is a shoutout topic. Post Shoutouts here! I give a shoutout to @Tapioca64 for being a great coder even though he/she is new! Please don't put famous people because they don't need Shoutouts. Shoutouts are for unfamous Hopscotchers that deserve attention, not ones who already get a lot of attention. And don't give a shoutout to yourself! Also, tell Hopscotch why you gave the shoutout to that particular Hopscotcher!


Amazing topic! I think Bellieboo​:cat: Is amazing. She is @BE13 on the forum. :smile:


I really think I deserve more attention on hopscotch but that's plain selfish so...


I'll be sure to check you out. Who know? Maybe you'll get a shoutout!


I love Jame Strong's projects! He's kind of already famous though...


A relatively new Hopscotcher, @ez15. He makes some great music and will be making some for a new game of mine, HOP 2.0. He is very creative and has some interesting projects.
Check him out!


I think Agar.io. Deserves a lot of shoutouts


I think @HoppingBanana deserves one!!!


Thankyou! :)


I think i I deserve more attention...like a lot more. I've never even been featured XD. Not meaning to be selfish and sound snobbish :3


I deserve A LOT more attention and I'm fairly good at coding yet I only get -20 likes.


My highest likes I ever got was 8 :DBut IDC


No worries! So do I, heh.


The highest likes I ever got was 50 something


@PandaBlossom! Her art is soooo good!
@Creatorstyle! He doesn't have many too
new projects other than some remixes, but
he's working on a super cool game and
if you scroll down he has some awesome stuff!
@OrEndA! I adore her art! It's amazing!


A Happy Coder does. He is the best


@CrystalPanda, @HoppingBanana and @SoBIt because they are amazing and they deserve attention. I don't really need attention


@AHappyCoder is very famous and well known @ReptileKing. :confused:


Thank you @RubyWolf1 for saying that! You are so kind, (>人<:wink:


Okay...yeah very true. He is my friend though. But I don't think it was needed.