Hopscotchers talking about Hopscotch and collabs


I will make a list of people so other people can see the users


I don't think this is Hopscotch related, so maybe make projects about this game? :wink:


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Do you have animal jam?



Try being more HS related, maybe make a collab(two people working together on a project) or make it, ask for ideas, try to edit and make more related to HS:)


Do you mean?
Are you on Animal jam?

  • yes
  • no



Ok I will! I just want friends


Hmm lets see hopscotch 8 letters animal jam hmm 9 letters hmm 9 - 8 1 hmm this is 1 topic that's off topic I said topic 3 times so far 1 + 4 is 5 5

Tell me if I should conetue!


I am leaving cause I am sad


Why are you sad:(? (If you would like to tell me, you don't have to) @benmerritt


Why are you sad?? We are here to cheer you up!


I am sad because I want friends


I can be your friend:) @benmerritt


I will be your friend!


Yeah, this isn't really Hopscotch related.

Something that is Hopscotch related and on topic: I tried to Hopscotchify Falling Phanoms! It turned out OK, it's called Lava RUN on Hopscotch!


I'll be your friend



And do what? Hopscotch? Yah hopscotch


Yes! And we can talk about hopscotch!


Well maybe follow each other on hopscotch


And make projects together