Hopscotchers similar to you!



Hi Guys!
I've been looking at what some Hopscotchers have to say, and some of them seem a lot like me! So I think we should say a little about ourselves and see if other people like the same things as you.
My favorite books are the Harry Potter books, some of my favorite foods are sushi, pasta, cupcakes, bubblegum, tacos, and bananas. My favorite animals are foxes, pigs, and dogs. I'm a girl. Oh and I'm a vegetarian. Is anyone like me?


I love sushi! :grinning: And I love Harry Potter!


I made a topic like this called hopscotch buddy's!


Well I love everything you love except bananas so... I think you might be my long lost twin.


I am terrible at drawing...


I'm kinda like you. I love Harry Potter, sushi, pasta, cupcakes, tacos, bubblegum ( a specific flavor like strawberry or watermelon), and bananas. I'm not a vegetarian but I like dogs. Pigs are only my favorite if they are a cartoon kawaii version. Foxes aren't really my favorite.


I also like cake and pie.


@OrEndA is my current twin, and @i.is.an.anonymous is basically a twin of my younger self that is ridiculously talented with realistic art.


Remember to say a little something about yourself so other people can see if you guys are a like!


Okay, for the girl: I'm a girl, my favorite books are the Harry Potter series, I am good at vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, spelling (I won my grade in a spelling bee, it was my first, too!)(I guess English class, I don't have classes), I'm homeschooled, love magic-related things, including fairies, love to read, always get carried away reading till 9:00 (it has turned into my bedtime), and my favorite foods are tacos, Mac and Cheese, waffles, parfaits, and cereal, and I love cats (Yang is shown in our current profile picture, Trixie isn't in it)(they're our pets, we have two of them).

Can you believe that was a sentence?!
Oh, and @Purdue19 practically knows us from the fact that he guessed so much about us, including that we were twins.


Ha Ha! That would probably be true if we didn't live 722.8 miles apart (according to google maps).


Actually, we have over 100 relatives…You probably are related to us…


Totally. Sushi and Harry Potter are amazing.


No, over 100 relatives spread across the country.


Thanks for replying! We seem a bit a like, I also like Harry Potter, I'm a girl, I like to read, and I like Mac and Cheese.


I don't know, I barely even know what relatives I have! Now, let's get back on topic.


Me too! Ok I'll delete my posts that are off topic.


So is Avatar: The Last Airbender. I really like it, if you couldn't tell from my profile picture.


I'm a nerdy 4th grader that's pretty smart


What's the answer to this?