WHADDUP, COOL WATTABOTTLES? It's Unicorn K. Urie! Today, we're gonna talk about who we are, where we're from, and why we started Hopscotch. If you're new......

So, let's have some fun! WOOOOOOO


I'm @Jaggedjeans :stuck_out_tongue:
I'm from america, i live in turkey 🇹🇷
Started hopscotch bcuz why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I'm jess I'm from England and I started coz my mum heard on the internet that coding was a good lesson and I was homeschooled so it became a lesson


I'm Meredith and I'm from 'Merica and I started hopscotch because I saw it

¯_(ツ)_/¯ I'm so ordinary XD


I'm MR.GAM3R :video_game: on Hopscotch and I live in New Zealand! I found Hopscotch on the front page of the App Store. I do coding in HTML, JavaScript, and Swift but it's more advanced and you can only do it on a computer. With Hopscotch you can make awesome games easily ON your iPad!


I'm LavenderArts

I'm from AMERICA yah

And I started Hopscotch because it was really cool and my sister had it


I'm anikeony
From America
A friend of mine told me how cool hopscotch is
So I decided to check it out and she was right 4 sure.


I am from New Zealand and I homeschool in a (probably) much more liberal sense than most.


My name is Callum
Uh...idk whatta say mrs wattabottle



new intel

uhh i just like shoot stuff with nerf guns and stuff k

and paint nerf guns

and like draw

and stuff


that sounds cool wattabottle


yes mother wattabottle

its so fun

I just finished making a mod for a nerf gun that makes it so it uses nickel–metal hydride batteries so its better and rechargable and stuff


I like that nickname
child wattabottle
u iz da smartz



It doubled the full auto range :0
Just tested the nerf gun
and it didn't burn out the motors :0


I am @William04GamerA on the forum and on hopscotch
I´m from Sweden, and that´s where I live now
I read about Hopscotch and my dream job is to work with technology so I wanted to learn programming more.


I'm DMFgames ★ from Russia. Plz don't hate me because of this...


I won't. U mai fren, pal. @DMF


hey I'm Smishy also known as Avery also known as Crazy_cake.
I'm from America.

I started hopscotch in 2013 when you couldn't Code stuff because it was in beta because I did.
But my new account is Crazy_cake, which started December 2015.


I'm from Canada yeah

Um now I live in America
But i'm Chinese?

So pretty much born in Canada, originated from China (parents), and in America now.

So hey

Also I found Hopscotch in school


That's awesome I've never met a canadian person