Hopscotchers history!


Continuing the discussion from The history of Bluedogmc! Also taking history requests!:

I'm taking requests on that topic! Here I will post the finished requests! Also, feel free to post your history here too!

Requests closed for now!


You can try me if you want. :smile:


Can you try to do me?


Ok, I will! Yours might be by tomorrow tho, I'm working on one right now!


Do meh :blush:



You could try me!
I just got Beta so
I managed to see some really old and rubbish things i used to make!

KomplettverrĆ¼cktjunge is my username! Just search man in Projects and my second feature will come up! You can use that to go to my profile!

Warning: i have been on for a year and have over 700 projectsā€¦ which might be a lot so you can summarise


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Here is @GracefulIcing1's history!

At first

First, she had an account named violet butterflies. Now, she has a account called smiling sunshine! That is the acc. I will be focusing on!

getting started

First on this account, she did a lot of remixes, drawings, and entered contests!

getting better

Then, she started making more original projects!


Now she is a awesome coder! She also draws, and is working on her own pad!

Hope you enjoyed!


Ok, everyone!
I'll finish yours all ASAP!


Thanks! Can't wait to see them!!!


@bluedogmc-official they will be awesome! This is so cool how people are doing this!


@Dude73's history!

At first

At first dude73 published basic games like spiral draws, and other video tutorial projects!

Getting better

Soon, dude73 started getting better! She published better, awesome projects, but also remixed a lot!


At one point, she published a lot of drawings, and remixed drawing challenges! She doesn't really do drawing any More!


Now, dude73 is a inspiring hopscotcher! She makes amazing projects, and is very helpful. She has progressed so much!


This is awesome! Thanks!!


Thank you so much! That is amazing! :smile:


@SnowGirl_Studios, I'm going to start working on you! Idk when it will be done tho!


The history of @SnowGirl_Studios!

At first!

At first, she did a lot of remixes and chat rooms.


Then she still did remixes, but she started drawing, and occasionally making her own small project.


Now, snowgirl_studios makes awesome models, awesome coded games, and is a awesome hopscotcher. She is very helpful on the forum.


Thanks! :D I really only got into coding this year, now after seeing my history... I wanna code a lot more.


@wookie, I'm starting yours! Your user is Wookie right? I feel like that's a stupi.d question! XD.