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@Hopscotcher, I challenge you to a chess duel on chess.com


Good job! Correct! PT stands for Periodic Table, and the numbers are the atomic numbers of the elements that spell genius!


I forgive you m8, it’s extremely hard.


That’s correct m8s. @1234Lillian robots will take over all humanity.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


This topic’s title is absolutely golden. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Why not just do The Fun House for the title?


Thx… 1


I challenge ye to ye chess battle


ok lego


wait actually no I have to do something first.


rn I can’t sorry


Well what I would do is to tell them that it isn’t FTU but there is nothing you can do now


Why did you say no? Hopscotch is about creativity and teaching the fundamentals of coding. If you are allowing him to use your joystick code, you are inspiring his creativity and teaching him how to make an awesome joystick. Plus, you’ll get credit and people will notice you for your amazing code and your generosity in sharing it!


But I still chose to say no. All of that in mind.


When they publish it, tell them to give credit or to remove it?
I don’t know other than that.


I guess I’ll do that if they publish it, though. Thanks.


This is my mailbox. Tell me anything you want in it. Please no vandalism.

You’re awesome!
What the heck is a semicolon
Like is it a replacement for a colon if you get a new intestine?
I am very very confused.

Why are you leaving??
I’ll check my mailbox again in 2 years


This is my newest project showing all prime numbers from 1-900.

I noticed there seemed to be vertical lines of primes that were kind of cut up too. Does anyone have an idea on why? @pomtl


@Hopscotcher I ban ye from leaving ye forum