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drive carefully next time! But anyway, hello and welcome to the fun house.


I got bored so I just made a smallish text adventure in forum that imma paste in

little text adventure

You wake up in a dark room, with moonlight leaking through a small barred window. There is a metal door. It is locked. What do you do?

bang head on wall

You give yourself a concussion. You lose.


"Happy Pi Day” by Awesome_E

Only a couple thousand digits




Yes! I WON!!


Lol I have like nothing done on it


@Hopscotcher what type of cryptography is used on your crack the code project?


I can’t tell you. You have to crack all on your own.


Ok… The letters are confusing


What do you mean? The hint?


He probably assigned a number for each letter.
So when he decrypted it, he increased the number by 1 to change the letter by 1 spot


If you’d like, crack it @DECODECO. Tell me what it says or means


Ya that’s what I’m confused about is @DECODECO correct?


Here’s my answer:
There’s a 92 in the set of numbers.


Here: The clue of PT stands for something.


Thanks… So helpful lol


I’ve seen the project’s code before and it does that
I remember telling you it would be more efficient making one decrypter using letters from A-Z and giving you tips on the project
It’s really nice, I like the idea of your project


So you say there are more than 91 letters in the alphabet?