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my website isn’t youtube. It’s a video on youtube :joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::joy:


I know, it’s a youtube.com/watch/<a rick roll link>






Hey I’m in Mexico!!! If ya don’t know from Tankt’s GT

So Far Part 1

We started off with Lyft (because parking at the airport is 15 bucks per night.) we were going to the Airport. But OOPS our dad thought that our pick up place was on a different avenue, and it took 15 minutes for us to realize that he wasn’t there. We walked to him and told him the info and we went to Redmond (we thought we were going to miss the flight). We took to the skies…for 30 minutes. Then we landed in Portland. We had to stay the nite in Portland, then go to Las Angeles at 6 (even though we had to wake up at 3:45) we woke up at 3:45 to realize that there was like 3-5 inches of UNPLOWED SNOW!!! we called our lyft driver and she said that she would be 30 minutes LATE!!! We were all like “We’re gonna miss the flight!!!” She got here and drove AFAP (as fast as possible (without breaking the speed limit (even though you cant drive very fast on compacted snow (ice (this is a lot of parenthesis’))))). We got there and bolted (or however fast your mom can run at top speed) to security, made it through security fairly quickly, and ran to our gate which was pretty easy because it was right next to security sigh (drama drama). When we boarded there was this plane behind us that was stuck in the snow and we were delayed 1 hour because of it (Not that it mattered because I was watching “Crazy Rich Asians” with my dad, but then I asked how long we were going to have to wait in the LAX airport…then things spiraled downhill my mom was like OMG our connection we have to leave to the sky nowww! We soon left the airport and took to the sky (just as Rachel found out that Nick Young is rich) and 2 hours later we landed at started BOLTING for gate 86B, then we looked back and realized that A. Our plane had changed gates, and B. It was the same plane we were just on. We re-boarded the plane (after a quick bacon stop) and we’re off to the 4 hour flight bringing us to Ixtapa.


Your location is Playing Hopscotch? I believe it’s supposed to say where you are, not what your doing. @TheDeliciousOrange explain


holy wow


My location IS hopscotch


It’s not my profile, but ok…

Why is my tag blue?


That’s where you are virtually, but not physically.


I gtg now


I think it’s because it seems to also be a link to your profile.


eh, probably…


I have been kicked off my gt…
It’s saying I don’t have access anymore


ha I lounged for another sec it’s good now


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