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I wonโ€™t be on Hopscotch for longer.


Are you leaving? or just not for longer meaning today or this year?


This year. Iโ€™ll be liking things and be on the forum though, but all work on projects will be stopped.


Your new music project is great!


Am I doing something that makes the trending formula really like my projects? Everything gets on trending!


Thanks! I did all of the Green Day requests!


Woohoo! I made something! Itโ€™s seed-based background generation!
Check it out! This might be my last project of the year.


Hello??. Hhhhhhhhhhhh


Hello! How are you today?


I got an idea and made a simple game here:
Do yโ€™all think itโ€™s seems like an ok game idea?


I canโ€™t access the link. Itโ€™s giving me the 404 link


Hmmmโ€ฆ try closing out hopscotch and then tapping it.


I think CoMโ€™s idea of nominating projects for featured from people whoโ€™d like to on Hopscotch seems really cool because many more people can possibly get featured! I might try doing that when I come back in 2019.


My ideas are really at a low right now. I need more games so I get more followers so I can make more games! Any ideas? @GweTV? @CoderOfMagic? And I want featured. Iโ€™ve been on Hopscotch for 2 years!


it is very cool, but what happens when the requested projects arenโ€™t featured? peeps might flip out.


oh well


Iโ€™ll put on the form that MAYBE theyโ€™ll get featured.


Complex tapper gameโ€ฆ




Ok so I have a little skeleton of a game structure called Trash Sweep! Let me know what you think. I might self nominate it for featured after itโ€™s polished up and completed.