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I’ve finally published something! At least it’s something really cool.


Hey, anyone want to talk???

UnicornRainbow xxx


Here. You’re not using so many capitals now!


I want to publish kind of often, but still have good projects.

  • Publish every week or so with good projects
  • Publish every day with low quality projects but a lot
  • Publish every few weeks or months with awesome projects

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I’ve also made new projects! It’s a pixel art because I’m THAT bored.

If you have any other suggestions on more pixel art or something else, please tell me!


Maybe the reason nobody is here is because I don’t tag anyone!
Hmmmmm… But I’ve already made the horrible mistake of not making a tag list, and if I don’t have a tag list, then I can’t find anyone to tag for a good reason, then I can’t make a tag list!


I’m here! LOL

I’m just going through where people have tagged me. (There are a LOT trust me)


Hey! This is XxZRMxX from the app… I was the one requesting help with code and stuffs.


I AM HERE @Hopscotcher


Yes. What do you need help with?


I mentioned you in a post in a topic I made… it is for planetary gravity, so it is accurate.


How would you like to revive it? Tag omtl 50 times?


I’m also working on a new pixel art!


Woo! Here it is!


That would annoy so many people and probably get us banned or something! lol


Well, how do we revive this then???


Post more projects and advertise them on your GT


Cough Cough


Sorry, I have not been on HS in a week, I think…