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I just noticed how lucky I am to have this username here.


I will check it out later! Sounds awesome!


It’s amazing! Hopscotcher is capable of so many things!


I’m capable of the same amount of things as you do.


Haha, that is very true! Do you know if the username (without emojis) is taken on Hopscotch yet (it is most likely that)?


It is. That’s why it has the emojis! Hopscotcher😎 was taken too!


So this was from How to store massive amounts of data on HS and I made something where you draw something, press ‘Redraw!’ and it clears it and redraws it. Right now, you can only draw one continuous line. So does anyone have any ideas on making it so you can draw a line, release your finger, then draw another line and have it redraw properly?

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I’m not sure.
You canmake it draw a star though lol
It’s still pretty good, and not done before.


I checked it out already! Cool project!

I kinda have an idea of how that might work already.

Probably one of those projects where large amounts of data is stored.


What your idea?


This probably involves a situation in which lots of coordinate points are being stored in the order of the user’s finger.


Explain it more to me please.


I just had a general idea in mind, that’s all.


ok :ok_hand:t2:


You could have a look at this topic (and linked project). There’s a couple different posts with explanations and includes a flow chart that hopefully makes the code easier to understand.

The project actually redraws all of the lines every frame (but you can’t visually tell). The drawing data is stored sequentially in clones. And, essentially, the undo functionality is accomplished by changing which lines are redrawn…

On a side note, I have other projects that store significant amount of data, using other methods, that you may find interesting. The Game of Life is one (that retrieves/changes ~1000 binary states on the fly). The Mountain Lake project has really massive amounts of pre-encoded data (that I created special computer program for to write the Hopscotch project json data), but sadly doesn’t work in the current version of the app (but does still work in the web player last time I checked).


YAY!! I’ve gotten my THIRD FEATURE!!!
Here it is if you haven’t seen it already :grin::

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Wow 2,670 plays!
(I have not been on the app in 2 weeks… I’m missing out)


It took off really fast! That wasn’t even the one I was going for featured with…