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I just realized I meant the finished product’s link… sorry, that’s my fault (typed the wrong thing)


Only a week? I leave for about 5 at a time…
But any way, welcome back from your break!


ha thanks


Oh, you want me to publish it on the second account and then send it to you instead of sending a link of a draft? Well here you go:


@pomtl I’ve been working on this game and I want people’s opinions on it. So please tell me any bugs or suggestions! Here’s a link:


It’s a great project. I find that the ones come of the rubbish you sweap gets in the way. Maybe still have the 1 flowting up but for a shorter amount of time. Just keep adding and your doing great @Hopscotcher


I don’t understand how you said


I mean when you sweep up rubbish with the :broom:. The number floats up


Oh… I got it. I’ll make them float for shorter.


Awesome project! I am on an iPad with a lower iOS version than the one required for some of the emojis, so I just saw boxes with question marks instead. However, I understood what to do.

Some things that you could add is a counter to see the amount of money that you have left, a confirmation when you buy an upgrade (like making the text on the selected upgrade turn green when you’ve successfully bought it, and make it turn red if you can’t afford the upgrade) and then maybe some more options and upgrades.

But the project is really good as it is right now, so this is just some suggestions!


Thanks a lot! I think most people will be in a newer version so the emojis won’t that big of a problem.


It’s Thirdsday!


This is a meme now??


Oh wait, sorry about that you were replying to something else.


I would like to join your tag list! Thanks :v:


Ok. I’ll add you.


(300th post!)

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That’s real cool keep up the good work👍


Thanks! I’m working on many other games too.


Cool game, well done! :clap: