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He will not give you a free car…


What if I don’t need a free car? Besides, a free car is, well, free, so it’s cheap, so it’s, well, you know.


He will send you to jail…


oh well… what if the jail is full because so many people didn’t subscribe?


He will build more jails


100th post!


you got 200th post too


What if there is no room for jails?


You build them on top of houses and other buildings


My computer glitched and only said 100, so I thought I had the 100th post, but 200 is good too!


Then people will protest and the United States will fall and become a war land. You want that?


You build jails in space and the US will not fall



Well the people in there will di.e without air and it would take a TON of energy to send them into orbit.


Jails in a habitable space station! with lots of energy


Still, TONS of energy to get prisoners up and TONS of resources to build it. Plus, would the UN really like it and what about other countries?


The UN would approve of it and governments from many countries would all raise money for it to happen.






What if Google found a way to see how many hours people search and watch memes for total?