Hopscotchers/Formers that have retired


Post names of people who dont go on HS or the forum anymore, so we can remember them!


Does anybody here remember :leaves:?????? Anybody?


Branching or a Hopscotcher literally named that


:leaves: Was a very old amazing hopscotcher. S/he was a huge inspiration back in 2013(i'm pretty sure thats when s/he started)


I am not that new to hopscotch, so I do not remember her/him. :grin:



Mashed Potatoes

^ found the HSers on an old account, which I barely liked any projects on….


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S/he was so amazing!!!


I'm not alone!!!!! I personally loved :leaves:!


I remember Yummy Muffin​:cherry_blossom:.


Here are some:


He/she must have changed his/her name. I don't see a :leaves:. What games did he/she make?


But wasn't it the brown leaf emoji?


I think s/he changed their name to Falling Leaves HÄ, but they quit a few weeks ago.
(I'll look on Hopscotch for their projects later, not on my iPad right now!)


Yup. Gonna post a picture


I was going to say all of those, XD


Just post them down here!

Yummy Muffin
Crying Laugh
#Cam Cam
Pi Studios
t1 (Maybe)


I remember them. I'm more familiar with Madi and YummyMuffin​:cherry_blossom:
EDIT: Actually I think those are the only ones I remember.



It says Hopscotchn' since (blank) Lol

PS: Howcome you dont follow her??