Hopscotchers are smart


Is it just me or are us Hopscotchers very smart? I'm talking to @Aes2015 and we both erupt into a very intellectual conversation. And I've seen that happen elsewhere with other Hopsoctchers. So is it me, or are Hopscotchers smart?


Well, most coding involves at least a bit of logic, and normally logical people are intellectual people.


hoepscocrs varee smurtt tey no how to cdoe!!1!1!!!1!


Well, most coding- well @Aes2015 beat me to it :sweat_smile:


Lol, well I was taged into the topic as soon as it was started.


I know people who aren't that smart (not in my school) that when they code, they either watch videos and drag out random blocks. Me and my friend are the smartest in the class by far and when I code on Hopsocthc I know what I'm doing and he knows what he's doing on Scratch


haha i was starting to type the same exact thing! well great minds think alike!


LOL I say that all the time. It's funny how many times me and my friends are thinking the same thing.


O_O omg im getting freaked out lol cuz its the same thing with my friends. Someone will talk to us and we all reply the same exact thing at the same exact time!
As my bestie would say "You found another twin!"


Hopscotch's community seems to inspire creativity and, how do I put this? Attract smart people? IDK, there is some sort of thing about Hopscotch that kinda makes you smarter.


and programming in general


Hopscotch includes math and real life physics so it makes ya smarter


Oh how I love physics.


I'm pretty sure I'm the most complicated coder in my class (on hopscotch). I know a little bit about values, good with clones and yeah.

Here's a thing I made today at coding club



You got a coding club! Lucky!


Okay now im convinced your my hopscotch twin! :stuck_out_tongue: i love physics as well!


yeah I prefer intellectual conversations, and I find it hilarious that I can talk to 9 year olds about quantum physics on hopscotch, but irl meh classmates in 8th grade are still asking what an X variable is, some people really need to stop saying that young people are automatically below older people, and you know what, you guys can read all of that without texting "tldr", in comparison to... others, anyway, you guys are smart


My dad was teaching me Java a few days ago, and I couldn't help but notice the similarities between Hopscotch and it.


What does tldr stand for?

Now I feel like a 3rd grader :stuck_out_tongue:


java!?! strait from hopscotch!?! sloooooooooow down! hopscotch, then scratch (or tynker), then html, then python, then javascript, then java, get to the easier languages (scratch jr isn't on there because you're already past it if you can use hopscotch), honestly I'm trying to learn tynker, html, python, and javascript at the same time