Hopscotchers and Projects that have inspired me


Hey, it's BlastFusion. Sorry for being absent for a while, I'm concentrating on a new game which has been in progress since Space Ninja, there's still a lot of work to be done, and in the meanwhile I want to open this topic discussing Hopscotchers and their projects that have inspired me. You are more than welcome to share your opinions, don't turn this into a flame war. Here are mine:

You are a very talented coder and you use a very special technique, pixel and 3Dness. I love all of your games, especially Diving Game.

I love your Stick Ninja! It's fantastic and all of your other projects so skill. I'm very inspired by you. Your code is very impressive!

You are an extremely inspirational and creative hopscotcher! Your backgrounds for games are awesome and your talented. I love your smiley bounce; and everything else!

Your artwork is very impressive, skilled and thorough. You are now becoming the new MagmaPOP! Your projects are equal to his and you inspire me a lot; especially the ultimate kaleidoscosmos!

You are extremely creative and talented! Your games are neat and extremely fun! Don't let em' fall was fantastic and addictive; I loved it. You are very kind on the forum as well.

You are a fantastic musician; all of your songs are spot on and all of your games! Your amazing and a fantastic musician.

Here are the games...

This is fantastic fun and addictive. The colour and thickness features are amazing this game is awesome and possibly the best- if not the best game on hopscotch!

Stick Ninja
I love Stick Ninja! It's like the 'Stick hero' on the App Store! That's how good it is! It's so fun and it pushes you to continue. It's well coded as well!

Smiley Bounce
Smiley bounce is soo addictive and extremely fun! I love the background and everything else about it. It's not laggy and suitable for all devices!

Diving Game
Diving Game is so talented! I love the pixel character and the seats! It so realistic and has the effort and skill as an App Store game! The levels are so awesome and all the effects! I love it!

Lemonade Stand
Lemonade Stand is so realistic! It's like an actual real life scenario. It so fun and it makes you want to make as much money as possible. From playng it, I believe it must've taken forever to make and the results are awesome!

Doodle Jump.
I really enjoy playing this! It so awesome and so similar to the real doodle jump! I recommend the app to anyone who likes the version made by @Bananadog.

Thanks for reading! Please fell free to share your opinions!


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Very cool topic!!


You are cool guys as well! Thanks!


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Whoah! Is @magmapop back? I feel so guilty I never mentioned him; I thought he was gone forever! I'd slide in your SHOOT! And your Minecraft Sneak up. If your there. By the way I'm @BlastFusion and I've got five features! When you were gone. I'm inspired by you and your projects.


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His project is just awsome!



Lemonade Stand... Not Bragging...
Indirect Inspiration FTW


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Nice! Do you want to be my coding partner? I love your projects!!


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I've been on Hopscotch for 2 years and I still have no idea what a coding partner is...
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Thank you so much! Your projects are really cool and creative. I love your games!


We can just make an account and code projects together!


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I agree! Those Hopscotchers you listed are really amazing coders.