Hopscotchers and Cussing



Hi guys, welcome to my post! Nice to see you!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

so yeah, this topi kinda transformed, reading older posts is not relevant anymore. Anyways, this is your ideas of cussing. This can mean your religion, your ideas about it. Why you do and don't like it...all at jazz​:saxophone:

So sit back relax and speak your mind, all ideas about this are welcome and supported, no judging people's religion or ideas or I will ask you to rephrase, and if it is bad enough have to flag you.


P.S. (I have to keep this poll here...sorry...)

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I wouldn't call them "attacks" but I agree they went too far.


Ok, I changed it...thanks for voting...


Yes, thank you @CrookedCat6519 for making this topic. I also noticed that @Refugeecat123 made a post asking if s/he was rude. Some people answered "Yes, you're always rude!". I've never seen Refugeecat123 be rude ever.


@KoalaKrazy ...have anything you want to add? My battery is going to die...TTYL​:wink:


Agreed, @Refugeecat123 is awesome, and I have never seen them be rude...


@Refugeecat123 has never been rude

It's probably some trolls trying to get her down ;-;


Exactly...This is the basic message I am trying to get across, just trolls. Thanks for sharing, I understand this is a heavy topic.


Not much.

I just need to say that I felt like I was being beaten down and everyone was going against me. Few people were agreeing with me. Thank you once again for making this topic! :wink: Yes, I have calmed down now.

See ya at school tomorrow




Lol! XD

Have you read the whole series?


I read the whole series, multiple times, ages ago.

That's right, I had a legit childhood. :sunglasses:


I need to read the 8th one.

I started reading when I was I 3rd grade......so I need to reread them. I've forgotten almost everything XD


Timmy doesn't approve,

Anyway BoT!!


Haha! Have you seen the movie of Shawn th-




Yes yes I have xD


Kewl I saw it a week ago

So anyways GBOT

the bullying needs to stop.

I think that's one of the first time ive been bullied on HSF.


Huh what happened


Well, was sort of beaten down by some people...


Pls calm down. Anonymous was being sarcastic. When someone is being sarcastic, then you should play along with it. They normally aren't trying to do any harm. You don't play fire with purple and pink unicorns. You play fire with fireworks. Kaboom.


Person1: yesterday my friends abandoned me during a game of "let's make your eyebrows better'

Person 2: oh haha. I didn't know you had friends

P1: haha right. :joy:

P2: :joy: :joy:

See? Now everyone's happy. In your case, I would've been like:

P1: whoopsies. You're too young. Guess you have to leave the forums

Me: oh yeah. Whoopsies. I'm such a rule breaker. Imma end up in jail.

P1: mm. Yup


Lesson is: love your jokes, love your sarcasm even more.

Btw, @Anonymous, when's your PA interview/tour