Hopscotchers against remixing


I’ve noticed lately people have been complaining about remixing, let’s see how bad it is…

  • I love it, People are copying my games so it means they like me!
  • It’s pretty cool, I can get away from copying someone’s game!
  • I’m ok with it
  • I have no opinion
  • I’m ok but they shouldn’t steal the project
  • I don’t like it
  • I hate it
  • I super mega mega hate it

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So now let’s vote on ideas for it.

  • Ban remixing
  • Don’t change anything
  • Make it so the creator can decide if it is remixable
  • Punish anyone who steals
  • Other…

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If you chose other please precise what idea you have. People are getting sick of it fast and leaving so… we’d better hurry up on this.


You can’t actually “steal” the project because Hopscotch automatically credits the creator on the project thumbnail, and you can’t stop people from remixing you project and you can’t punish people because that would make no sense. Also this isn’t even the surface of why people are leaving


Oooh I like that idea that the creator can decide if it’s remixable


But sometimes the credit on the thumbnail, , , disappears, , ,
so it looks like it isn’t a remix, , ,


If this happens:

looks at remixes

O no


U know what bothers me the most? When people remix projects for no reason, liek “mega charizard X pixel art remix”. I also hate when people mess up a project that someone worked really hard on. “I broke it!”. I also hate when people use someone else’s art pad, and change the name. Like, if it said “iMeows art pad! Please don’t steal.” And someone said “tgfgtthfgvghs art pad! Please don’t steal.” And when the creator, asks them to stop, they don’t. On hs, I witnessed this happen. A hopscotcher saw another hopscotcher remix his pad with her name, and he told her to stop.
She said no, and other mean stuff. This has to stop.


People still do. Somebody “stole” my Mini Golf project, changed the name, colors and emojis and then published it and it got on featured. (Of course it was removed but I was still upset.)


Sometimes people can glitch the remix tab away somehow


Remixing is also a good way of allowing more people to see the project, but if it’s featured then there’s no reason. People will see featured before remixes.


Maybe we should have a limit on how many things you can remix a month.

Sometimes, all hopscotchers do is remix and they don’t even make their own projects.


It’s actually pretty easy.

Would you like step by step instructions?

Bad idea. I don’t see anything wrong with remixes.


I did it once but I forgot how
I did it for an art pad so it wouldn’t cover my drawings


It was just an idea.


great topic


Remix glitch by saving to drafts. It removes the name in the top right corner.


I don’t know who,I forgot his name;remixed every project of mine!I didn’t knew why people did that but now I do!People actually steal the project!The most common targets are people who don’t join the forum!They can’t discuss it;and their project gets ‘stolen’ right under their noses!


THT should do something about it!


i think we can remix whatever, because i am MissAdvice and many people remix my projects asking for advice.


There should be allowance from the main creator to remix the project


And anyways,you don’t need to be MissAdvice