Hopscotchers Against Bullyin.g! [NEW]



aaaand...? XD


then this girl came and told us that our skirts were too short (i go to a girl only school)


oh, that's rude D:

what'd you do?


we ignored them


then they came BACK and told us to go di.e in a hole



In my school, girls wear miniskirts all the time.


good :DD

if it happens again or gets worse, tell a teacher. it doesn't sound toooo bad at the moment.


Ahahah no. in my school we have t wear skirts just above the knee,


ah. okay.

definitely tell a teacher. that is terrible.




That's one of the most stupid insults I've ever heard.


I was so angry at that point, but i wanted to be nice and ignored them.


um. i know you might not think it's a "good" insult, but it probably hurt their feelings and that's a kinda insensitive comment.


THEN THEY SAID THAT WE WERE female dogs and that we were sluts and our skirts werent even short?!


sorry please dont flag this


you could have stood up for yourself. being nice doesn't always mean letting people walk all over you. :DD


so the story goes onnnn



It seems like people enjoy overreacting over skirt length.


oh, goodness. that's terrible. stand up for yourself. confront her and tell her not to talk to you like that. then tell a teacher.

i'm so sorry about that ;-;


I went and told my teacher at interval, and she told the principal.