Hopscotchers Against Bullyin.g! [NEW]



I got bullied XD
It's fun to look on those weird persons whose didn't reach anything, but can tell people that they are bad :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I guess they were female dogging about random stuff XD

(just pretend female dogging means "being angry about")


Hey hey me too lol...


Yes, it wasn't @Silver_snow's fault that she got flagged and suspended. Her twin sister hacked into her account. I think the forum needs more moderation.


Hmm? I don't know what happened. Details?


So, the twin sister of @Silver_snow hacked their account and started swearing and calling people... you know what I mean.


Are you sure it was actually a twin?


I'm not sure, they just said that.


Tbh I'm really confused (need to keep up with the forum more lol).

Some of this is really sketchy. Especially the part about juvy.

(Not finished writing this gonna continue after I read more brb)


March 13, on cheerio's general topic silver_snow explains how her best friend knows SilverDolphin but she has never met her before. Don't think that's useful info though.

But the thing that bothers me the most is the fact that silver_snow was banned for 4 months.

I'm upset about this because has this sort of not happened before?

It entirely Diantha's fault she was hacked.

There is living proof that people can change and shutting them off from the forum isn't going to give Maddie the ability to perhaps try to correct her mistakes.

@silver_snow was a great forumer and I don't think she deserves such a long ban. The only thing she really needs to do is maybe change her passwords.



This is what I don't like about suspensions.


It might sound ironic since I was in the Bring Leaders Back team, but I don't want the leaders back.



The bringing back leaders thing was a while ago and we stopped. I'm talking about moderation


I think the problem is that because the hopscotch team is working so hard on everything else they don't have enough time to moderate the forum.


Hi, can someone remove me from the HAB group list?
I don't have enough time on my hands right now to participate in this, sorry...thanks.


Yup yup at my school
Like someone'll tease someone as a joke like, "lol you're so short..." and the other person will laugh and be like "stop bullyinggg me!"


Ok then, I'll remove you


hey guys. can i rant to someone about a bulling incident?


sure!! i'm always here if you want to talk or rant :DD


ok. so me and my friends were just sitting and eating our lunch at school,